A tree can last decades... or be destroyed in a day

Many people who prune trees - professionally or just to get branches out of their way - really care about trees. But, unfortunately, not everyone who cares about trees is actually qualified to perform tree surgery.


Yes, tree surgery!


Trees are living organisms, just like you and us, but they can't speak. They can't yell when terrible surgery is being performed. Pruning trees is like performing surgery. A problem develops and the qualified professional comes up with objectives, a proposed solution and a specific plan of action.


Then you start cutting... but you'd better know what you're cutting and why. And how this is going to affect the future of your tree. It's a living thing and it's sensitive.


When you hire someone to prune trees, please (for your sake and the tree's), do your homework! It is generally recommended to hire a certified arborist. If your potential pruning pro doesn't know about the ANSI A300 pruning standards or the ANSI Z133 arborist operations standards, you might consider looking elsewhere...


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