People are often shocked at our prices!

They can't believe that they can get so much for such a small investment!

Our experienced landscape renovation specialists are like good coaches: they can spot potential even in the least promising (landscape) prospects.


Often times, it doesn't take much to transform an old, tired landscape into an attractive property and a valued resource. You would probably be surprised at what we can do with your landscape, and at how cheaply we can do it.


We are definitely not the lowest-price bidder - if you want the lowest cost landscaping, you should probably look elsewhere. Where we really stand out is in the value we offer (or the return on investement (ROI)). What you get with us is more than what you pay for. We like to think that a good value is more important than a low price.

" TDL Landscaping has been taking care of our lawn for several years. We began by having our lawn mowed and the weeds cleared, along with having the leaves raked, etc., during Fall Clean-up. We progressed to having the tree limbs trimmed as a regular part of our maintenance, TDL added snow removal a few years ago (and knowing the amount of snow that had to be cleared in that time, this has been a real blessing for us!). This past year, TDL has completely re-landscaped our property. The improvements make it look like a whole new place, and this was done well within our allotted budget. We have had no problem recommending the work done by TDL Landscaping to our friends and family. "
                                                           — Tom and Maureen Coveney

YOU REALLY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BY TALKING WITH US TODAY! Give us a few minutes and see for yourself if there is a difference, or if it's all just talk.


Give us a call, fill out the form to your right, or fill out one of our landscape questionaires. Someone will be in touch with you shortly.


Nothing ventured - Nothing Gained.

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