Thousands of Daffodils to Illuminate Boston Marathon Route

Daffodils to line the Boston Marathon Route
The Boston Marathon will be brightened by a spectacular springtime spread of sunny daffodils.

Thanks to the initiative and dedication of Diane Valle and Kathy Thomas, what was only a few short months ago an inspired idea has blossomed into a community effort to take the sting out of the tragedy of this past April by planting over 100,000 daffodils along the route of the Boston Marathon.


The Marathon of 2014 is expected to be extremely festive, as myriads of runners stream through a sea of beckoning and seemingly-applauding deep-yellow daffodils in the fair weather of early spring.


Though the rain may fall, the course will still shine with the early springtime bouquet which is expected to wake from its winter slumber just in time to welcome worldwide joggers to the beautiful city of Boston. It might not be too much to say: although the April may bring its showers, it cannot rain hard enough to extinguish the glow of ten-thousands of radiant flowers.




TDL Landscaping, Inc. is very grateful to have had the opportunity of participating in the awe-inspiring undertaking of the Marathon Flowers. We met many wonderful people and it was truly a joy to take part in this rejuvenation of Boston's scenic race course. We really cannot wait to see how the course looks in the coming spring and we sincerely congratulate Diane Valle and Kathy Thomas on the terrific success of their initiative to make Boston brighter!

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