Green Scholars Program - Giving Back Through Landscaping

Eco-Friendly Futures is a Boston Landscape Charity
Tomorrow can only be different if we make a change today.

Eco-Friendly Futures is the philanthropic arm of TDL Landscaping, Inc. As Metro Boston Landscape Professionals, we feel we have an important contribution to make to our community at large.


We feel that one of the most important contributions we can make is through donating landscaping services. A clean, well-kept landscape has the ability to brighten days and lives, making the outdoors more relaxing and peaceful. Often, a small difference in the landscape can make a big difference in the lives of those who see these outdoor spaces on a daily basis.


This is our aspiration: to make a big difference through small differences here and there: Graceful landscape beds, well-pruned plants, and newly-planted trees.

TDL Landscaping, Inc. donates landscape clean-ups to worthy causes, as resources permit. Sometimes simply edging landscape beds and installing new mulch can make a major difference in the appearance and usability of a given property. TDL Landscaping, Inc. is pleased to help make a difference for the members of the community.

Boston Horticultural and TDL Tree Service, divisions of TDL Landscaping, Inc., also donate their services and participate in the Eco-Friendly Futures Program.

As part of the Eco-Friendly Futures Program, Boston Horticultural donates tree planting services to schools. Involving students in tree planting and shrub installations gives them a great appreciation for trees and the environment in general. Boston Horticultural strongly believes in educating students and the general public in the proper way to plant trees and shrubs. By contributing to the Eco-Friendly Futures Program, Boston Horticultural hopes to make a difference in the future of Boston's trees and landscapes.


Learn more about Boston Hort's Proper Planting Program and its participation in the Eco-Friendly Futures Program.

TDL Tree Service also participates in the Eco-Friendly Futures Program. TDL Tree Service is committed to quality care of municipal and residential trees. By participating in the Eco-Friendly Futures Program, TDL Tree Service hopes to make a difference for generations to come. As improper pruning can severely damage a tree, TDL Tree Service, by offering free pruning services / demonstrations to various non-profit organizations, aims to educate the general public on the proper way to prune and preserve plants.


Learn more about TDL Tree Service's pruning to reduce future problems and increase longevity.

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