Boston Charitable Landscaping Projects

WE AT TDL LANDSCAPING, INC. are grateful to have had the opportunity of serving Massachusetts communities for almost fifteen years.


For so many years, we have had the priviledge of doing what we love: providing the very best in landscape care and customer service to all of our Massachusetts clientele.

Giving Back to the Community

One thing that is really important to us is helping out the community when we can. To this end, TDL Landscaping, Inc. established the Eco-Friendly Futures Program. This charitable work provides an enduring "green education" to students at participating schools. By being part of a school planting program, young scholars develop a sense of appreciation for trees and shrubs, while at the same time developing a sense of ownership of the school property.


The environment is improved one tree at a time. The environment of the school and the ecosystem as a whole can benefit from each and every tree planted on school grounds.


You never know when an environmental turning point will occur. Maybe the one extra tree planted today will provide the clean air of the future.


>>> Read more about Eco-Friendly Futures , run by TDL Landscaping, Inc.

Other Charitable Projects

Everett Memorial Stadium - Landscaping Touchup - Everett, MA

For this project, TDL Landscaping, Inc. donated labor and materials to beautify an important city landmark, the Veterans Memorial Stadium in Everett, MA. After significant renovations at the stadium, the re-dedication ceremony was scheduled to take place. TDL Landscaping, Inc. stepped in to donate brilliant orange mums and mulch, as well as edging the landscape beds. Tree pruning services were donated by our tree care division, TDL Tree Service.

Park Landscape Cleanup - Stoneham, MA

For this project, TDL Landscaping, Inc. donated a clean-up to this small Stoneham park. Sometimes, a small investment can make a big difference in the attractiveness of a public landscape, such as this park. If you have a similar public landscape project in mind, we may be able to help you.

Landscape Cleanup - Our Lady of Grace Parish, Chelsea MA

TDL Landscaping, Inc. donated cleanup services for this project. It's amazing how much of a difference clean-cut mulch beds can make. For this landscape cleanup, TDL Landscaping, Inc. employees edged all the landscape beds. Following this, fresh hemlock mulch was added to add the finishing touches and freshen the landscaping.

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